July 28, 2008


Same as today!

Every day's a holiday...

Who wouldn't love an ocean view and the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore? The view from Pacific Beach in San Diego, CA is spectacular. It's my favorite spot to while away the time just enjoying it all!

Balmy breezes, sunny skies, the sounds of the birds, the smell of the salty air and the laughter of fami
lies having fun in the sand. That picture is with me every day....it's like the best holiday EVER!

Every day, every thing is a gift to be enjoyed. "Just Takin' It In"... is a phrase coined by my eldest son, John. And it is a phrase adopted by myself, my daughter, Deborah, and youngest son, Robert, and their families.

We all "Just Take It In"... be it a good meal, a family get together, a walk in the park, listening to a good song, a day at the beach, watching an old movie, a holiday happening or reliving a great memory from the past, we don't pass up a single morsel of the moment!

Every day is priceless....enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!