August 26, 2008


Oh, how I love this place!

You'll find lots of treasures here!

And just loads of inspiration!

"Road Trip" with Sally and Bets again!

This wonderful, quaint
shoppe, chock full of "vintage junque, crafts, ephemera, and gifts" is called ZINNIA ! And you'll just love the owner, Tamara...such a warm and friendly kind of gal.

One of our favorite places to just browse and browse and find a treasure or two or more to take away!

And some of the most inspiring projects adorn the store (classes are available to make most of the things you see!)
Thank you to Paul Murray (such a warm and generous man) who shared this picture of his grandmother and her friends with me. The class for this collage on canvas is taught by Joe Carrion, a mixed media artist.

If you can get away, the trip is well worth it won't be disappointed (take me with you, please!).

*But be careful where you park....Sally will tell you....they are very strict on their parking regulations and love to write tickets!

Lots of pretty stuff, vintage stuff, unusual stuff, comical stuff, hard to find stuff, cards, books, papers, ribbons, trims, and the list goes on and on! Just looooooook at all the eye candy!

What are you waiting for..........?
Start the car..........!

August 20, 2008

"La Maison Rustique" Excusion!

Bet and Sally on the road again!
This time we went to the Barn Sale at La Maison in Temecula, right in the middle of Wine Country! Grape vines as far as the eye could see.
Then we spotted our destination. The barn!

We set up camp and then decided it was time to browse around.....!
(Isn't this cute? It's all decorated inside with 50's pink everything including poodles and a velvet Elvis! What a blast from the past! The trailer is vintage 1953.)

There were rows of artists tents, and loads of goodies to see. The barn, La Maison Rustique, was chock full of chandeliers, furniture, jewelry, artwork, beds, beads, baubles, get the picture!
So much to see and so little time!

A courtyard of bird cages, adirondack chairs, pots of flowers, lawn furniture and decorations was a site to behold!

After viewing the vintage treasures, purchasing a few trinkets and having some refreshments, we visited with some old friends and met some new ones from the Blog-Her group. What a nice bunch of gals. For more pictures of this event just click on this link: Prairie Home .

We left wine country and headed into town. Time for lunch at Mad Madeline's Grill, where we enjoyed the best cheeseburger with fries and a tall, thick, real malted milk!
Then a visit to Scrappin' Divas and The Stampin' Post. Really nice owners at both stores and great merchandise. We checked out with our bags of goodies and headed for home! What a nice, full day.

August 11, 2008

Mamma Mia! San Diego Premier!



Fourteen "wild and crazy gals" met at Scrapbook Your Life in San Diego, CA on Friday night, July 18th, for a Mamma Mia Party! The fun filled event was sponsored by Scrapbook Your Life, who provided all the goodies for the night.

We started off the evening at 5pm with a Mini Mamma Mia Scrapbook which we glued, inked, pasted, stamped, wired and embellished. Jen took pictures of each diva in her tiara and boa for a keepsake momento to add to the book. Three of the pages were clear plastic pockets for our movie ticket stub and other ephemera of the evening (I saved a piece of pepperoni from the pizza!-just kidding).

At 7pm the pizza arrived and wow...was it good! Some of us ate while finishing our books; others ate huge warm chocolate chip cookies as big as CD's and licked their fingers before they could finish their mini books.

Then at 9pm we waited in line to see the movie "Mamma Mia" at the Fashion Valley Mall. All showings were sold out, but we had our tickets! (Hey, what happened to the Pink Bags?!!)

We sang along to some of the old standards by Abba. We laughed a lot at the movie with Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnon and Collin Firth. We made some new friends, enjoyed some old friends and can't wait for the next party in August! (Possibly a P.J. party is the buzz!)
What a great girl's night out for sure!

Thanks again, Jen, who was overheard saying:

"If you haven't dressed up to go to the movies at least once in your life - you are missing your life!!!"