March 10, 2016



I'm gonna read a good book!


March 08, 2016

Vernal Equinox

Every year in March on the twentieth day,
Comes something that makes winters blues go away.

It's really a pretty remarkable thing,
That causes this to be the first day of spring.

When the daytime and nighttime are of equal length,
Nature responds at first, not with great strength,

But slowly and surely by some instinct internal,
On this special day of the equinox vernal.

The seeds that were buried there under the earth,
Feel the warmth of the sun and begin a rebirth.

Nobody tells them but somehow they know,
That it's time once again to begin them to grow.

And before very long there will be april showers
And then come the bowers and bowers of flowers.

And it makes us feel happier inside and out,
Hope springs eternal without any doubt.

So on this sunday morning I just want to say,
It's starting to happen, today is the day!

~Charles Osgood
CBS News Sunday Morning