February 18, 2010

At High Tide

If you get up early in the morning
and go for a jog on the beach...

 You see some pretty amazing things!

This is one of Deb's finds at 6am
at high tide on Folly Beach.

February 05, 2010

MD Braces for SNOW, Again!

It's a beautiful snow.  So pretty and glistening.

Unbelievable.  Only problem, no power!

Might have to bring in the Fire Pit!!!

Has anyone seen the cars?

 40 inches and counting!

Packed up the sleds and the dogs!
John, Katie, Brad and Mimi had 
to head for higher ground where Chris
had heat, electricity and a TV to watch
the Superbowl Game!!!

What an adventure and a great day!
They won't forget the snow storm of 2010.