August 14, 2009

The Art MeetUp Girls

Once a month, on the second Tuesday, the "Art MeetUp Girls" get together to create and play and laugh a lot!

The Girls: Jane, Bet (2nd from left, middle row), Sally, Jackie,
Elena, Maryam, Kat, June, Melanie,
Kathleen, Dawn, Bonnie, Georgia, Matina and Gloria.
(Not everyone is pictured...just the gals at the last MeetUp!)

Jackie is head mistress and always comes up with a new project for all of us to do. Sometimes we take turns teaching a class. Her studio is chock full of goodies that she so generously shares with all of us to use in our projects. We have such a great time!

This is a "shout out" to Jackie!
Thanks so much for being such a giving person
and sharing it all with us!
We LOVE you!
Be sure to visit: The Art MeetUp Blog

1 comment:

jackieb said...

Bet Thanks for the shout out. I enjoy the act of creating and glad I am a "hoarder" so others can create. ha ha