November 10, 2009


Jackie & June
The birthday girls!

Today Jackie threw a birthday bash at the Beach Grass Cafe.

We arrived in Poway at 10 a.m. for Mimosa's & coffee. We were handed a manilla envelope with directions for the Birthday Scavenger Hunt. We had a list of clues and the stores we were to search were all of the thrift/consignment stores in the adjoining mall. We had two hours to collect as many points as possible and return to the restaurant for lunch.

Well, we all had a lot of laughs and some of us gave up and went back to the restaurant early!!! Prizes were given out, birthday cards were opened, handmade gifts were admired and we all enjoyed the day. Especially the birthday girls!

This is a very special birthday card. Jackie and June have been exchanging this same card since 1984! Each birthday, one of them writes a note and sends it to the other. The next year the process is reversed. Such a treasure!

Visit Jackie's blog to view more pictures from the event. I especially liked the quote on her page regarding her special day; "Today is my birthday. I no longer celebrate my youth but my luck of being happy and healthy and having FAMILY and FRIENDS that I can celebrate with."


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