January 02, 2010

Raven's Rager!

Raven's Rager! (aka Paul)

MD loves the Raven's! John & Katie, Chris, Brad, Mimi & Jaime, and Nana enjoyed a great day on Sunday, December 27th. The team still has a chance of making the playoffs so we were heading to the party in full support.
Brad, Nana, Katie, Chris

We all arrived way ahead of kick-off time, dressed in our Raven's shirts, jackets, hats and other paraphernalia in purple and gold. Drinks were mixed, beers passed around, appetizers filled the tables and the Plasma was warmed and ready to deliver.

The game was away against Pittsburgh so we all bellied up to the screen to watch the kickoff. It was an exciting game with lots of opportunities to toast the Raven's!
Every time the Raven's scored...the "Purple Pucker" was passed around for shots!

JB, Jaime, Mimi, Janet, Sue

Meanwhile some of us were freezing outdoors!

Brad, Katie, Lisa, John, Jaime, Mimi, Sheri, Sue

Picture of the day! Best Outfits! Wabey & Paul

The score was tied...the Raven's scored twice...and if the referees hadn't called back the two touchdowns due to penalties, they would have won, losing by only 3 points in the final minutes.

A good time was had by all thanks to our hosts, Janet & Nick (we also celebrated Nick's birthday). After the game we all sat around the bonfire and licked our wounds!!! Some of the crowd sang Karaoke and we all laughed a lot before heading off for home to watch a movie.


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