September 30, 2008

Halloween Fever Has Struck...

Good Evening....

I bid you "Welcome".....

Come in and sit a spell! I've been so lonely since last Halloween. My friend, the Raven, and I are looking forward to a ghastly long chat!
Rest your bones awhile. We have so much "dirt" to dish, so many old chums to "dig up" for a visit!

We'll light the lantern to keep you warm. Maybe it will shed some light on the subject of Halloween's past. We so love to reminisce!

The Raven, says "Nevermore".....but I say "Evermore", the more the merrier!

It's always so special spending time with you, but now it's time to rest. The big night is coming and we all want to be ready to frighten the little goblins who come to the door looking for treats!

So for now, we'll say "Good Night"....... and "Lights Out"!

Sweet Dreams......hmmmmmmm!



1 comment:

jackieb said...

Bets: How did you get my picture? ha ha I'm almost that skinny ha
Let me guess....Halloween is one of your favorite holidays.
Love your ravens!